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Undertaking the publication of ARAMAZD Armenian Journal of Near Eastern Studies, the Editorial Board, the Sponsors, and all Members of the Association for Near Eastern and Caucasian Studies (Yerevan), follow one important purpose to create an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual understanding between the scholars of our region and other countries and to improve the level of their scientific communication.

This is the first periodical in Armenia devoted to the problems of history, philology and cultures of the region, to be published in major European languages. In the Soviet period and afterwards it have been reached considerable achievements in the mentioned scientific branches. However the results have been published mainly in Russian, Armenian and other languages spoken in Soviet Republics, which as a rule remained unknown for the western reader because of the language barrier. From the other side only a small part of the special literature reached and is currently being reached Armenia and surrounding post-Soviet countries. Hence, the articles of foreign authors to be published in this journal will open a new way of information source for our specialists.

The journal is beyond political interests. It invites for contributions and scientific dialogue all specialists to discuss the problems of history, culture and philology of the ancient and medieval Near East and the Caucasus.



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