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Project Discovery!


Funded by a contribution from the
Harry and Ovsanna Chitjian Family


Project Discovery! i
s an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the discovery and preservation of the archaeological and cultural legacy of ancient Armenia.

Goals and Strategies

To facilitate academic scholarship and research in the archaeology of Armenia.
Strategy: Provide financial and other material resources.
Strategy: Facilitate academic collaboration and cooperation for the exchange of information and ideas between scholars in Armenia and scholars in the international academic community
Strategy: Promote the discipline of the archaeology of Armenia at the university level in the U.S. and Europe.

Goal: To support the publication in the U.S. and Europe of the results of archaeological research in Armenia in order to make it available to the international academic community.
Strategy: Provide funds for translation.
Strategy: Subsidize the cost of publication.

Goal: To support the preservation and conservation of the archaeological heritage of Armenia by protecting its archaeological resources.
Strategy: Provide financial support for research institutions, conservation laboratories, and museums to ensure that these repositories of material culture in Armenia are adequately equipped to protect its antiquities.
Strategy: Provide financial and other support for the preservation of archaeological monuments and sites.

Goal: To create and foster public awareness and appreciation of the archaeological and cultural legacy of Armenia.
Strategy: Organize archaeological tours to Armenia.
Strategy: Sponsor educational programs about the significance of archaeological discoveries in Armenia for adults and children.
Strategy: Provide an on-line newsletter about recent archaeological developments in Armenia.
Strategy: Organize on-line museum exhibits of Armenian artifacts.
Strategy: Sponsor an on-line journal about the archaeology of Armenia

Visit us at www.projectdiscovery.net

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